employee portal is a UPS enterprise employee portal. It gives UPS employees (often referred as UPSers) online access to multiple services which include following:

  • Paycheck and direct deposit management
  • Benefits management
  • Employee discount programs
  • W-2 forms access
  • UPS local news
  • UPS stock quote

To access website you need to be a UPS employee.

Loging in to

In order to login to UPS employee portal you need to have your login and password. If you just joined UPS and don’t have your UPSers login you can create it using following instructions.

As a user ID you should use your Employee ID (which is different than your SSN) and may be found on your pay stub.

To set up your account you need to use a one-time initial PIN which you can construct using instructions below:

  • First 2 letters of your Last name (for example Smith becomes sm). Note that it is lowercase here
  • Last two digits of your (for example 1967 becomes 67)
  • Last 2 digits of employee ID (if your employee id is 0045524 use 24)
  • So for example, if your Last name is smith, you were born in 1967 and your employee id is 0045524 then your PIN is sm6724

On your first login you need to use the one-time initial PIN as your password. It will allow you to select your personal password and setup your account.

Below are step by step instructions on how to login first time:

  1. Make sure that you’re accessing from a secure computer
  2. Open new browser tab
  3. Navigate to
  4. Enter your Employee ID in User ID field
  5. Enter you initial PIN generated according to rules above into password field
  6. Click on “Log in” button

Useful URls